By placing an order and signing a contract with Books By Us Ltd, you hereby agree to the following terms and conditions.

Contact us for further information.

Terms & Conditions

By placing an order/signing a contract with Books by Us Ltd, you hereby agree to the following terms and conditions.

Quotations provided by Books by Us Ltd for bookkeeping, admin and VAT are valid for up to 28 days.


Client contracts with Books by Us Ltd outline terms and conditions unique to the customer. This includes your accepted quotation and details of the services Books by Us Ltd are providing you. Should you require further information about your contract, please email info@booksbyus.co.uk.


Transparency of Fees
Please see your contract for additional charges and service fees.


Xero support
Books by Us provide support for Xero customers, if you have signed up for support with us, please see your contract for charges. If you wish to sign up, please email us on info@booksbyus.co.uk.



If you require a one-off service from Books by Us Ltd, we require an immediate payment of 50 percent upon placing your order and the remaining 50 percent upon project completion.

If you have signed a rolling contract for bookkeeping and/or  Support with Books by Us Ltd, you will receive an invoice on the 28th of every month. You have 14 days from this date to make payment, failure to do so may result in revoked services. For details on revoked services, see Revoked Services.

If you are having trouble making payments, please contact us ASAP. We are here to help you.


Service Refusal 
Books by Us Ltd maintains the right to refuse services to a business or individual we deem does not adhere to our principals, social, ethical and moral standards.


Revoked Services 
If you fall behind on payments, Books by Us Ltd maintains the right to revoke the services outlined below and may refuse to meet contractual obligations.


  • Bookkeeping – We may stop providing you with this service

  • Admin – We may stop providing you with this service

  • Value Added Tax- We may stop providing you with this service

Discount codes are valid for the following one-off services.

  • Book-keeping

  • Value Added Tax

  • Admin

All discount codes will be applied to the final value of an order, excluding admin fees, and are subject to our general Terms and Conditions.

The discount code must be provided to Books by Us Ltd before signing your contract and placing an order. Unless stated, discounts cannot be combined.

If you are dissatisfied with our services or wish to submit a complaint, please email info@booksbyus.co.uk, and mark it for the attention of our Director.

We endeavour to respond to complaints within 7 working days.